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Hantz Févre Stoovo headshot
Hantz Févre Stoovo headshot
Hantz Févre Stoovo headshot

Brian exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the moment we initiated the project, Brian demonstrated an unparalleled level of patience and professionalism.


Hantz Févre

“The photo shoot was a blast, and I felt immediately at ease. It’s a true testament to Brian’s creative genius that he can bring out the best in a diversity of subjects as he does.”

Global Product Inclusion Evangelist & Senior Strategist

Annie J-Baptiste

Brian has a way to make you feel really comfortable during the process, and the results show! Diligent follow up and responsiveness made it really easy during the entire process.

Founder & CEO

Devarshi Shah

If you need someone to visually tell YOUR story, contact Brian. He is beyond professional, super sweet and kind, and fun to work with.

Vice Chair, Blacks

Estefani R.

His expertise ensures stunning, high-quality photos that are more authentic and engaging than the headshot you probably have on your profile right now!


Federico Pomi

He responded quickly to my inquiry, set me up with an hour-long session, worked quickly and effectively on edits and touch-ups, and provided me the finished product just a few days after our shoot.

Tech Columnist

Kevin Roose

As a people leader in a creative field, I’ve learned that what might appear to be the “little things” can actually be some of the most meaningful things to team identity and culture.

Sr. Director of Global User Research, PlayStation Studios

Kristie Fisher

He skillfully captured headshots for my law firm's website, putting me at ease with his comforting demeanor and wonderful sense of humor.

Lawyer - Partner

Nicholas Rosen

I have been getting my firm's head shots from Brian for 3 years now and he has never let us down. If you want professional shots, go with Brian. He's the best!

Vanessa Candelaria

As a trans guy it was important to me to feel seen both by the photographer and in the headshot itself. Brian gifted me with both. He is not just a brilliant photographer but one of the most heartfelt people I’ve ever met.

Levi Booser

I was immediately put at ease with his warm personality, and the jokes that he promised on his website didn't fail. Actually it turned out that one of the best shots I took was me cracking up at a particularly funny dad joke.


Aaron Kierbel

Exceptional end to end. Super talented and great guy. Meticulous in the quality of his work. Highly recommend.

Alex Kahn

I am beyond happy with my picture. Brian is amazing, he was able to get me to relax and look natural and spontaneous in a way I had never seen before.


Alexandre de Boni

Alicia Ostarello
Alicia Ostarello
Alicia Ostarello

From understanding my needs to conceptualizing our final product, and then executing on all details great and small during the shoot, he was 100% committed to advising me while maintaing the delicate balance of making sure I was happy with the outcome.


Alicia Ostarello

The photo session was easier than I expected - I was nervous but he really put me at ease! The end result really upped my professional game - thanks Brian!

Alison S.

Brian is a brilliant photographer and truly cares about what he does. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience and I hope I'm lucky enough to work with him again in the future.

Alyson Fussell

Thank you, Brian, for sharing your talent with the world. I wish I could work (and laugh) with you every day.

Amy W.

Brian is a 1st rate Portrait Artist. Take advantage of his talent!

Andy Strain

Brian is so talented, funny and wonderful. It was an experience, not an appointment. And he let me pick vegetables from his garden afterwards. I would highly recommend!!!

Anna B.

Brian creates the most relaxing environment to put you at ease and has an innate ability to bring out your personality in photographs.

Anna Vutech

Fantastic experience. Fantastic subject matter expertise. I will be working with him again, no doubt about it.

Anthony Turner

Brian was so fun to work with and really encourages you to lean into your chosen look. This was hands-down one of the best experiences I've had with a photoshoot.

Arnulfo Alvarez

I started pretty stiff and unsure but after lots of gentle guidance, Brian captured my personality beautifully. We got so many great shots that it was hard to choose one for my Real Estate brand.

Audrey Cook

I cannot speak more highly of Brian and his craft! He put me completely at ease, made the shoot incredibly easy and fun, and in the end captured what I believe was my true essence.

Baxter Smith

Our entire team had headshots done and every single one came out beautiful. He really spent the time to work with each person individually to bring out the best.

Beth Mertz

I highly recommend Brian. Beyond his obvious creative talent, and attention to detail, Brian took what could have been an uncomfortable situation and made it fun.

Brandon Eversole

The process was easy and painless. He communicates frequently and has an artistic eye. Highly recommended!

Brian Lee

Look. You need professional headshots and your selfie skills won't do this time... Even though I had no idea what I was doing, Brian made the process easy.

Cameron W.

Brian really took the time to understand our creative vision and what it was going to take to achieve it. His efforts paid off because we got exactly what were were hoping for!

Cashmere Treats

He almost effortlessly pulled out captures that exhibit an air of authenticity, warmth, connection that is hardly found in most headshots.

Charles Irby

Brian produces high quality work efficiently and effectively!

Christine Start

"Highly recommend Brian's photography! He helped me with some updated headshots for professional use. Absolutely love the final outcome!"

Cris W.

Brian was able to soften me in such a way that captured my essence. There is such a beautiful and artistic touch to his work that carries itself.

Crissy Vo-Khuong

Brian is thorough with his approach in capturing one’s personality in professional headshots. He starts by asking how the images will be used so he is clear on the deliverable final product.

Cristina Weekes

Brian is a true artist. I never had pictures taken of me before but had a very specific vision that I didn't think could be pulled off very easily.

David Wonpu

Brian is absolutely amazing. He's a master of his craft, a kind and hilarious and wonderful person, and a total artist soul.

Geena Chan

The experience was friendly, enjoyable, and on point and the results were great. Brian is very responsive and exceeded expectations.

Greg Moore

Brian was great! He made the experience easy, fun and very organic. The images were spectacular and I highly recommend his services.

Hank G

His beautiful work speaks for itself. But he's also a joy to work with -- warm, down to earth, funny, a great communicator, and very professional.

Heather P

From the minute you enter his studio, he eases the awkwardness to make a potentially stressful shoot all fun vibes. Beyond his interpersonal skills, he's a lighting and photography expert.

Holly Furgason

We ended up with a series of shots that captured each individuals persona while still presenting an overall harmonious look and feel for the company.


Brian has nothing but five-star reviews for a reason. You pay for what you get, and with Brian you get excellent photos that will set you apart from everyone else.

Jeremy Castro

He told me what to expect, had a list of items to consider prior to the shoot, showed up on time the day of, masterfully got through headshots and group shots of 7 team members and then artfully brought those headshots to life.

Jo-Anna Nieves

Brian immediately put me at ease, he helped me figure out how to look like my best "me," and I love the results. Brian - you are a magical artist. Thank you.

Jody S.

His particular polished style of editing, receptiveness, and quick turnaround makes him my go-to for any and all photo needs. Check out his website / portfolio, it speaks for itself!

Jon Sax

Brian made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The shoot itself was a lot of fun, and it really felt like we we collaborating together to get the perfect headshot.

Joni W.

Brian has a way about him that puts your nerves and anxieties at ease. The photo session was fun and easy for me because Brian was so good at keeping the environment relaxing.

Joy Ayson-Yu

BRIAN. Man, how I begin to describe how awesome Brian is...I'm a complete flibbertigibbet, and he made me look pulled together and professional.

Julia G.

I am in treatment for life. Right now that means IV chemo. It's not the balding type for now, but that is coming. I wanted pictures of me with a full head of hair and a big smile.

Julie Morgan

“Brian made the whole process an experience. Everyone who had seen my headshot was blown away. I will never go to another person for headshot. Brian is THE guy!”

Karen T.

He was extremely professional, made the experience fun and knows how to coach you into your best angles/expressions. In addition, he values and welcomes all feedback/suggestions with humility and openness.

Katarro Routree

I wasn't expecting to have fun doing my headshots, but I left smiling and feeling confident that we got the perfect shot.

Kate DeGraaf

We started needing one headshot for an employee and it evolved into many employees getting new headshots

Katie J.

Working with Brian has been an absolute highlight for me as the CEO of a growing startup. Everything from the communications to his presence on site, to the deliverable was superb.

Koii Benvenutto

Brian is a master! The shoot was fun and he got great shots despite my awkward posing. The final product is perfect and the process was super easy.

Lauren Pufpaf

The photos turned out great and Brian made the experience very easy and comfortable!

Leslie Shelton

If you want beautiful, honest photos of yourself looking your best -- work with Brian!

Liane Aihara

I appreciate Brian's talent, artistry, and humor. He took the time to interpret the stories I wanted my images to tell.


Marissa Bergmann

No surprises, lots of fun, and a great product. Thanks Brian, we hope to work with you again soon!

Matt M.

Brian was a total pro. Excellent final result and he provided very helpful guidance during the shoot along the way.

Matthew McCloskey

His process, from preparation to the shoot to finishing is engaged and fun.

Mehmet Orun

During the photos, he reminded me to breathe and most importantly, made me laugh! He's such a lovely and talented person.

Michelle R.

I never felt uncomfortable or pressured. In fact, it felt like I was hanging out a with a great friend.

Motion Design Expert

Mike Lyndon

I also think he does terrific work with people of color, which sounds like it should be a given, but unfortunately isn't always the case!


Mimi Jae Soon Yu

I was extremely nervous and within minutes of working with him, he had me laughing and feeling very comfortable during the entire shoot.


my mom

His studio Is really nice and welcoming - great energy. He knows his art and work!

Nadé Bozhinova

Great experience with Brian for head shots, easy to work with and he really went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the finished product.

Nathan Downs

I thought it was impossible, but I ended up very happy with my headshots! I highly recommend a photo session with him for photos that are both unique and professional.

Naudia Queen

Brian is an amazing being and brings so much light & peace in with his work. Thank you Brian for all you do!!

Niya Bishop

Brian draws out great smiles from our team and is very professional! He is prompt and his process is efficient - he walks you through every step of his process.

Orion Renewable Energy Group

Brian is incredibly professional, skillful, and very communicative. I felt comfortable and had a good time during the shoot

P Grott

Brian took headshots of each of our staff and made sure that what could have easily been a logistical nightmare was smooth and actually a lot of fun!

Rashida Hanif

Got an amazing photo all while having a blast. Brian communicates clearly throughout the whole process, highly recommended.

Robert Arabian

Very responsive, kind, and easy to work with. He definitely put me at ease, which is so important in this kind of process, and his work was excellent.

Sarah McCracken

He made the whole process not only super comfortable, but lots of fun too. It was a joy to work with him, and I'll definitely be sending referrals his way.

Skye Callan

It was a fun experience and very easy to follow instructions to get images that were authentic and not stiff. My picture actually looks like me!

Stephanie Joong

Brian was a pleasure to work with - affable, skilled, funny, and with a very keen eye for small things that can make a difference in the final pictures. Loved working with him!

Sunita Mutha

Sydney Coleman Google Headshot
Sydney Coleman Google Headshot
Sydney Coleman Google Headshot

I was thrilled with Brian's headshots and the overall experience was so fun and enjoyable. Brian really put me at ease. See how fabulous I look in this Google headshot (thanks to Brian!!).

Project Manager

Sydney Coleman

Brian is a miracle worker! Creative, flexible and just all-around professional.

Sylvie Tongco

Brian is a wonderful mix of smooth technical expertise and intuition and fun.

Tre Laughlin

Working with Brian was fun and the photos were beyond what I had hoped for!

Ulrike Muench

“Brian is both a genius photographer and one of the nicest people I think I've ever met.”

Wendy A.

Brian is fantastic! He ensures clients are comfortable when shooting, he has great lighting skills, very personable and works with you to ensure you achieve the results you want.

Yaxin L.

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