Shoot Prep Guide

Shoot Prep Guide

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The key to ensuring our shoot is simple + easy for you, prep.…

1st, consider your audience: whose attention are you trying to get? Hip startups, hungry entrepreneurs, old-school business conservatives, someone's parents?  I dunno … You tell me! :)

Next, plan your wardrobe. Bring a few different clothing options as you never know how things will translate in camera. We will discuss your options once you arrive and I will likely have you try on a few different things to see what translates the best in camera.

Choose pieces you are comfortable in and feel good wearing. If it’s not a perfect fit, don’t worry; we can pin or tape the back so it will appear more fit.  Bringing too many options is far better than not enough.

We will work as a team to make the final decision. 👍

pro tip: Because of the way I crop my headshots, that “perfect piece” you brought might not translate properly, so bring simple alternatives like plain T’s, V-necks and/or tank tops. They often look great under a sports jacket for a business casual vibe.

Layers are essential.

More often than not, a layer can really round out the image.

Jackets or blazers are a must; but even a fancy scarf (if that’s your style) can really round things out. It might seem strange, but trust!

If you are unsure if it will work, just bring it, we'll decide together. More is more.

 Thank god he brought his fancy scarf! (heheh)

Thank god he brought his fancy scarf! (heheh)

Pro tips

  • Want to play it safe? Neutral color palettes tend to translate best. If your shoot is more creative/artsy, choose a color that pops and works well with your eyes, hair and skin. Avoid busy patterns (unless that’s your personal brand).

  • 24hrs before shoot day, drink hella water (your skin will thank you).

Photoshoot Prep Checklist:

✓ a minimum (+3) outfits.* More is more!

✓ LAYERS! jackets, scarves, blazers, etc.

✓ a range of jewelry & accessories if that's you.

✓ any grooming products you may need (including chapstick & lip gloss)

*Headshots are from the waist up, so don’t worry if your pants don’t match. [insert joke about sweatpants here]


On shoot day, show up groomed with your supplies and any clothing options, then relax, the rest is fun! We'll adjust as we go and I’ll let you know what looks best “in camera.”

During the shoot, I will capture a spectrum of vibes, expressions, poses, and ultimately you will decide which shot works best at expressing your personality / brand. 

The shoot will move pretty quickly: I will coach you into your best angles and distract you with questions (and my bag of “dad jokes”) to keep your mind off of the camera. We will try a few different things to make sure the light and your angles are looking amazing.

You’ll also have a chance to preview your images during the session to ensure we’re in sync (not the band – first dad joke). The rest is history 



We’re in this together, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. And layers. Remember layers.

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