Marissa Katarina Bergmann

Marissa writes:

‍"My role model is my grandmother who recently passed away in January. She was my everything… my light, my best friend, my angel on earth. I will also attach a picture of her so you can get a sense of her brilliant aura. I want that aura to come through. I am different from her in that I very much intend on fighting for the rights of all people, standing up to injustice, and making the world a better place for all in a more public sense. She was always very private and to herself. I want to get out there and make some real changes. This is her! "

Marissa Bergmann
Shoot Date:
March 2018
Marissas Grandmother
"I want to be seen as kind, gentle, and loving at the same time as fierce, courageous, and strong. As an artist, I've gotten the "you're too sweet and genuine" comment one too many times. I wrestle with the fact that I *AM* sweet, gentle, genuine, kind, and very much full of LOVE. I don't believe I should have to change anything about myself to fit any mold. That's where the strength part comes in. I am fiercely devoted to staying true to myself and my inner kind nature because I believe the world needs more kind people."
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