Live Pure Joy

When there is so much that urges us to despair and to believe that we cannot make a difference, and in the face of that we choose JOY, to celebrate all of the good and beautiful moments that are going unnoticed. That is such a powerful act of resistance.

-Mary Freer

Shoot Date:
March 2019

Whats This About?

I created this piece titled "Live Pure Joy" for Oaklands bi-annual HHREC Health Through Art competition. The challenge was to create a 2-D piece of art with a thought provoking message promoting positivity, empowerment, and health. It ended up winning (alongside 9 other great local artists work) and is now on the back of 40 different Public Transit Busses all over Alameda County.

All of the winning pieces will be circulating different county buildings and galleries over the next 2 years.

"I am honored to be affiliated with HHREC and am thrilled to know that this image is promoting positivity and creating awareness around very important social services."

Why This Matters.

Every day we are surrounded by negative imagery, negative messages and negative advertisements.

They remind us that we either aren't good enough, that we don't have enough or that we made a mistake. They rob us of our energy and they give us nothing in return but a feeling of emptiness, unworthiness and depression. - Live Pure Joy is a response to all of that.

Oakland, California

Peace and Love


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