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Choose to Land Your Dream Job

Work hard, stay focused and land your dream-job. Advice for a younger me.

This quick advice would have benefitted me as greatly as a teenager.

1. Make a list of who you want to work for and why they should hire you. If the thought of working for them doesn’t make you light the f#ck up than you need to dig deeper and dream bigger.

2. If you are unqualified for your dream-job; figure out what skills you need, and then go acquire those skills.

But how, Brian? How can I just go and "acquire " skills?

3. Delete your Facebook and start taking online classes. They are often free or cheap. No excuses! 👏👏👏

4. As you begin your educational journey you will still need money for rent, food, and social life so get a part time job that you are already qualified for. Pro tip: Do not take a full-time job or you will not have time for class.

5. Buy a resume template designed by a professional artist. This small investment will pay for itself in job options and it will be visually engaging and fun for the managers to look at. Fill that thing out with personality so people are excited to meet you.

5. Emailing businesses on Craigslist is the ultimate lazy person move (I know because I’ve done it in the past). I recommend doing research on Craigslist to see who is hiring and to show up in person at the business. Brush your hair and show up with your resume in hand. This shows initiative and will make a good impression. This will also put you at the front of the line.

7. Remember that this job is just going to be part time so that you can focus on your online education and continue to work towards your goal of a "dream job".

Pro tip: Spend as little money as possible on the day-to-day so that you don't have to work very much at your part-time job. This will free up time for you to focus on school work.

Fast forward a few years.

You are now qualified for your dream job but so aren’t 500 other people. Damnit! How will you compete? 😫

Like I said earlier — there are no hard rules so get creative!


My friend Adrienne really wanted to work for this amazing shoe company in SF but instead of waiting and hoping that they would pick her she decided to pick herself and made a video expressing her passion and excitement about the company.

In the video she was enthusiastic, honest, human and showed initiative. She practiced what she was going to say, she asked for feedback from friends and she waited until the light was just right before recording.

She already had a connection within the company and passed the video along with her cover letter and resume. What a boss move! She knows that this might not work — but it will definitely get her noticed. Congrats Adrienne. Making shit happen for yourself.

Got a creative ideas on how to acquire your dream job? Need specific advice on this? Just hit me up!


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