Live Pure Joy

What’s this about?

Every day we are surrounded by negative imagery, negative messages and negative advertisements. They remind us that we either aren't good enough, that we don't have enough or that we made a mistake. They rob us of our energy and they give us nothing in return but a feeling of emptiness, unworthiness and depression.

This piece is going to stand up against all that.

This girl is emanating with positive energy and joy. So much so that you can literally feel it. This kind of energy is powerful, contagious and needs to be shared. I want it to inspire joy, positivity and love in people everywhere and in all it's forms.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is going to combat the negativity.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is going to bring us up instead of bringing us down.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is going to inspire positive thinking.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is a gentle reminder about love.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is going to turn our negative thoughts into positive ones.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is going to inspire us and remind us that we are worth it.

  • LIVEPUREJOY is going to get us through our workday.

Joy is a gift we give each other. And I want to give you joy. Sometimes, joy is hard to find or feel. Sometimes, we forget what it can be like. I want to help you remember the way I need to be reminded. 

The images on this page are free to download. They don’t have a watermark. They don’t have my logo. You don’t have to credit me. It’s for you. Print it, share it, gift it. Put it on your screen saver. Put it on your wall. Remember what joy looks like when it’s hard to remember. 

Keep giving this image as a gift and only that. So my only request is this: please do not use this image for commercial purposes.



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