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Set The Tone.

Take charge. Set the tone for you, your brand, and your business.

case study:
"I work in a male-dominated, high-stakes industry: Tech in Silicon Valley. Venture Capitalists, executives, and hiring managers are constantly making decisions that will either make or break investments worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Image and personal branding are extremely important; you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, especially in a fast-moving world. I am also a woman who appears young and short of stature. Imagine presenting as I do in the aforementioned world. You can often be overlooked for roles, mistaken for “the person who makes the coffee,” or simply not taken seriously.

Enter Brian DeSimone. He understands the playing field, and he understands how you want to present yourself — he takes the time to ask you about and then discuss these points. He then sets everything optimally: the tone of the shoot, your attire, your stance, the height of his camera, etc. He knows exactly how to position you for success.

Thanks to Brian, I have an unbeatable set of headshots. People now assume that I am more accomplished, more senior, and more polished than I believe I appear in person. Thanks to Brian, I am being taken seriously by strangers in a very difficult industry — and I’m now changing it for the better. His impact on me and my personal brand is unmistakable."


People work with people they like.

For Nerds:

Your team of engineers and artists make great products but are awkward as heck in front of the camera.
Working with the right photographer can transform a team of awkward nerds into a confident, approachable, business-savvy team of rock-stars.
Make sure your company is sending the right message to attract the right talent and investors.
For Conservatives:

You're a conservative company trying to appeal the the more "in" crowd. With the right forethought we can create a targeted look and feel for your next set of headshots.

Either way, it's up to you. Let's discuss your desired outcome so we can get your staff looking the part in no time.

Influence Peoples Perception

Go from akward programmer to confident & capable ninja.

The image we share has direct impact perception of us. You want your image to exude confidence. Or maybe you want to appear more approachable.

Whether you want to be seen as a fierce leader or an adaptable chameleon, we will work together to plan a narrative that works for you.

It all starts with a conversation.

Job Seekers

You're completely qualified but so are 100 other people.  How will you get noticed?

It will command attention from the people who matter most by sending a visual message that will add intrigue to your resume and can easily qualify you for that interview.
Make sure you are sending the right message to your potential new hire. 
Maybe you are shy but want to seem confident and approachable. That's where a little strategy and forethought come into play. Working together and using a numbers based strategy we can make sure the image we select sends the right message.

Be Seen

Don't fit in.

Your resume is impressive but it's jus ta bunch of words. How will you hold their attention long enough to consider The job market is crowded. What makes you different? What tools and techniques are YOU using The world is hopelessly crowded.

How will anyone find you and why should they care? We are inundated with pictures and adverts and messages all day. It makes us numb.    Laying out your image witha

Get Ahead.

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Boost Confidence

It almost goes without saying, but a flattering image that you truly love will an image that flatters you and makes you you love makes you feel more confident putting yourself out there.

Make More Money

Make a lasting first impression that will set you apart and you the job.

Maybe you're on the job hunt, or maybe you're looking to move True professionals understand the importance of looking the part and this is true no matter where you are in oyu